Africis Smart Compliance

Minimize the impact of time-consuming and costly human capital management (HCM) compliance tasks, no matter what payroll system you're using.

Turn your HCM compliance obligations into opportunities

Turn your HCM compliance obligations into opportunities

Does your current system or in-house process have what it takes to keep up with changes to compliance requirements, such as payroll tax and remittance laws, new wage garnishment orders and more?

Africis Smart Compliance is a comprehensive and customizable suite of technology and services that helps you:

  • Simplify compliance complexity
  • Save time on compliance activities
  • Mitigate compliance risks

Connect your HCM to Africis Smart Compliance

Simplify and unify HCM compliance processes by integrating your system with Africis Smart Compliance.

Africis Smart Compliance features and benefits

Solve your HCM compliance challenges

Africis Smart Compliance provides a comprehensive suite of seven customizable solutions:

  • Business Tax Credits: Don't miss out on valuable tax credits and business incentives
  • Wage Payments: Provide your employees with flexible, 100 percent electronic payment options --- and save time and money
  • Payroll taxes: Easily manage your employment tax filing process and remittance
  • Health Compliance: Meet the demands of Health in your Country and the evolving health care reform landscape
  • Wage Garnishments: Improve efficiency of wage garnishment processing and administration
  • Contactor management: Onboard, verify, manage and pay your contingent workforce
  • Unemployment Claims: Improve claims management and help reduce unemployment costs
  • Employment Verification: Provide secure, 24/7 access to employment and income verifications to credentialed verifiers

Leverage your current platform

No matter what platform or software you use, Smart Compliance seamlessly integrates with most payroll, HR, ERP and financial systems.

You can rely on our proven integration experience and methods which enable the seamless flow of data between systems.

Benefit from Africis knowledge

For some time now, Africis deep experience has helped clients manage complex HR, tax and compliance requirements, with:

  • Alot of Africis associates who are focused on evolving compliance legislation
  • More than 10 years of industry experience and knowledge
  • A team of experts who will help resolve your issues quickly

Is staying compliant costing you?

There are avoidable costs associated with the work to stay compliant. Calculate your potential cost savings.

“We now have a level of precision and accuracy that we could never have achieved with our manual process. I have tremendous faith that everything’s being done correctly and accurately — and that level of precision and accuracy is so much greater than when we did this manually”
JNA Oben Foundation

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