Workforce management

Whether you want to improve time and attendance tracking, automate scheduling or simplify leave case management, ADP has a single solution to help with it all.

Everything you need, all working together seamlessly

More than just time and attendance - All delivered with the exceptional service you expect from Africis.

Improve operational efficiency with easy, convenient and accurate time tracking

  • Eliminate paper timesheets with digital time clocking and save employees up to 30 minutes per month1
  • Save an average of 40 minutes per week per manager with automated alerts, timecard approvals, exception reports and more2
  • Improve timecard accuracy and avoid "buddy punching" by using time clocks with optional finger- or face-scan identification

Africis' workforce management software is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Promote proper staffing and decrease labor costs with automated employee scheduling

  • Easily create schedules with a system that helps you visualize labor needs, find the best person for a shift, share open shifts and manage shift swapping
  • Gain visibility into actual vs. scheduled hours, earned hours, overtime and other real-time analytics that can help you and your managers stay on budget

A report by Aberdeen Group found that organizations that automate scheduling saw five percent greater workforce capacity utilization and 24 percent higher engagement levels due to scheduling transparency over organizations without automated scheduling.

Easily manage accrued time, attendance policies and leave cases

  • Quickly access accrued time-off balances
  • Automate attendance policy, reward and discipline tracking
  • Track leave requests, eligibility and documentation
  • Analyze absence trends, and compare to industry benchmarks

With automated scheduling, attendance and management software, you could spend less on labor, with up to 33 percent less unplanned overtime.3

Reduce workplace compliance risk using automation

  • Minimize compliance exposure by automating work and pay rule governance, hours tracking and overtime calculations
  • Help prevent timecard disputes by having employees more easily review and approve timecards and attest to their hours and breaks, with thorough audit
  • Easily administer policies and leaves with automated workflows and online documentation

Africis' workforce management customizable software is designed with the flexibility to help support a broad range of compliance requirements and from city and local ordinances to more than 100 country-specific requirements, including fair scheduling ordinances, work and rest laws, company policies and union agreements.

Staying in compliance has never been easier.

Compliance on Demand offers workforce management customers comprehensive compliance support:

  • A content library of tools and information on federal, state and local wage and hour compliance, including a calendar of upcoming legislative events
  • An online customer community for comparing notes with your peers
  • Access to a team of wage and hour compliance experts

Drive productivity with workforce analytics and benchmarking

Imagine if you could more easily arrange adequate staffing levels, avoid costly overtime and supplemental staffing, and use historical trends and predictive algorithms for more accurate planning. Africis' workforce management software can help you:

  • Analyze hours worked, absences, overtime, labor costs and more with real-time visibility
  • Monitor hours worked to help ensure employees are properly classified
  • Benchmark your company’s performance against companies that are similar in size, geography and industry
  • Customize dashboards to easily access the information that’s most important to you
Address evolving workforce management needs

Address evolving workforce management needs

A mobile, multi-generational workforce is converging with AI to accelerate the pace of business and rapid, ongoing changes to regulations make it more challenging to remain compliant. But with Africis' workforce management, you may be able to adapt to these changes and rethink how work gets done. Our software can help you:

  • Meet the varied work expectations of multi-generational employees
  • Use mobile capability to spot and correct issues in real-time
  • Make crucial decisions faster with the power of machine learning
  • Automate administrative processes to avoid costly errors

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Africis has really made it so easy ... basically all [employees] really have to do is push a button and all of a sudden those hours apply. There's really not a lot of training to get that employee up to speed.

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Workforce Manager gives us significant granularity into the amount of time that our professors are spending in the classroom or tutoring, and that helps us determine best practices within the company for the delivery of a product.

J&A Oben Foundation

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of value added since implementing Optimized Scheduling. The overall visibility it provides to our management team and our employees is wonderful. To have one uniform application with the scheduling tool helps us to properly forecast based on historical data and make real-time decisions that positively impact our labor.

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