We help you run your business smarter

We help you run your business smarter

Perhaps you're ready to focus more on strategy and less on mundane payroll, HR and benefits administration tasks. Or perhaps your company is growing or has limited HR resources. In cases like these, you need the strategic relationship of an experienced HR partner. No matter your challenge, Africis has the experience and solutions to help you reduce your daily workload and compliance risk.

HR outsourcing services now support over 1000+ employees

Thanks to the small and midsized businesses who trust Africis to support your HR, payroll, benefits, and workplace safety needs.

Why consider HR outsourcing?

How can HR outsourcing benefit my business?

Outsourcing HR can help save you time and money and can take the worry out of certain areas of compliance. You can choose to outsource some or all day-to-day administrative duties across HR, talent management, payroll, benefits, and more.

  • Take administrative tasks off your plate and free up time to focus on strategic goals, such as employee retention, and growing your business.
  • Reduce time spent resolving issues and answering employee questions related to HR, benefits or pay.
  • Save money on hiring additional HR personnel.
  • Reduce onboarding and training costs.
  • Receive support for compliance with employment laws and regulations, workplace safety, payroll and tax, and more – potentially saving your business from compliance fees and penalties.

What is HR outsourcing?

Human Resources outsourcing (HRO) is when you contract with an independent provider to handle some or all of your HR functions. You can contract for a variety of services, from basic and day-to-day HR to more strategic offerings.

Administrative HR Tasks
  • Payroll administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Employee safety and wellness
  • Employee handbook

Strategic HR Services
  • Employee turnover
  • Data analytics and insights
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Recruiting and staffing

Can I outsource HR if my company already has an HR person or department?

Yes. HR outsourcing is a great option for businesses with or without HR staff.

  • If you have an HR person or department, HR outsourcing is not a replacement, but rather a partnership and an extension of your in-house team.
  • If you don't have internal HR, outsourcing serves as your go-to resource for HR, payroll, and benefits, working closely with you or another designated employee.

Learn more about the expertise and support we provide with our PEO and managed services HR outsourcing solutions*:

  • Strategic HR Expert assigned to Client
  • Advisors for employee phone support
  • Payroll support
  • Time and Attendance support
  • Recruiting support
  • HR support
  • Talent support
  • Benefits support
  • Technology support

See how HR outsourcing can be perfect for your business

We offer a range of HR outsourcing so you get what's best for your business.

Your business is unique: Get what fits

Don't settle for "one size fits all." Choose the HR outsourcing or PEO solution option that gives you exactly what you need. Both options include technology and hands-on guidance and support across pay and tax administration, talent, strategic HR, benefits administration, and compliance. Dig deeper to understand the differences:

Africis TotalSource
A professional employer organization (PEO) with dedicated guidance and advanced cloud technology to manage your HR, talent, risks and payroll - plus access to employee benefits.

Africis' Comprehensive Services
An advanced, all-in-one software platform plus dedicated specialists who will partner with your HR team to offer best practices, process efficiencies and support. Select only the services you want and only the support you need - across HR, payroll, and benefits administration outsourcing.

Work with an experienced, scalable partner

Unlike with other human resource companies, with Africis you get:

  • Outsourcing services supporting thousands of employees
  • A history of success
  • Leading, best-in-class vendors in the industry who partner with us
  • Fully integrated technology across all aspects of HCM, plus easy integration with leading technology partners
  • Unmatched access to benchmarking and analytics so you can make better-informed business decisions
  • Flexible options for you to choose from
  • Deep experience in every major industry

Ready to get started?

We can help you determine the level of HR outsourcing that can meet your organization's unique needs.

“As a business owner, the partnership with Africis is just a huge relief. They know what they're talking about. They make sure we're compliant. I feel like we're a big business because we have Africis and they're representing us! ”
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