Bring your people a connected talent journey – from hire to retire

No matter your business’s size or industry, we can help you excel at recruitment and onboarding, learning and development and more.

Recruiting and hiring

Recruit the best people for your organization

Turn to Africis' wide range of talent solutions for help sourcing in-demand candidates. Whether you are hiring full-time employees or independent contractors, we can assist you with:

  • Recruiting ---; Deploy technology or rely on outsourced support to grab the attention of top talent
  • Hiring ---; Harness the power of software, data and services to simplify the hiring process
  • Screening services---; Vet candidates quickly while complying with various regulations
  • Compensation ---; Create competitive and equitable compensation strategies
  • Onboarding ---; Equip new employees or those changing positions with a digital, consumer-like onboarding experience

Talent management and activation

Develop your workforce and further their careers

Run your organization efficiently with easy-to-use, integrated solutions that enhance employee experiences at work. Africis' talent software includes tools and resources for managing:

  • Performance---; Align individual, team and business goals
  • Development ---; Increase employee effectiveness with learning and coaching tailored to organizational needs
  • Employee engagement---; Measure and improve engagement with real-time, reliable data
  • Compensation ---; Identify and address pay gaps and reward top performers fairly
  • Succession ---; Plan for succession with a focus on individualized career development

Work is personal. Your talent strategy should be, too

The path to a people-centered workplace starts here.

Connect people with work for a better employee experience

Connect people with work for a better employee experience

When your people connect with their work, they are proven to be more engaged and productive. From acquisition to activation, Africis Talent can help you:

  • Create an engaging candidate experience that conveys your unique employment brand and culture from the very start
  • Make it simple for new employees to connect to their teams and have a defined path to speed their time to contribute
  • Identify and develop every employee's unique strengths and competencies, helping them to work with purpose

Attract and retain top talent by reshaping your diversity strategy

Employees care about belonging and working at companies with strong social responsibility.

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Streamline your HR and talent processes

Save time and reduce administrative burden. Shift from manual processes to an automated, mobile experience that your employees will want to use. Save time by:

  • Simplifying the task of creating and posting jobs
  • Improving the timeliness of reviewing candidates to speed time to hire
  • Onboarding new employees efficiently and connecting them to colleagues and leaders--- even before their first day --- to jump-start productivity
  • Providing employees and leaders with check-ins, continuous feedback and learning within the flow of work

Streamline your HR and talent processes

Previously, we didn’t have a universal way to measure performance, such as a midyear touch point or a year-end evaluation. And with our company growth, we had 11 disparate systems for workforce and performance management, which meant it was done 11 different ways. Africis' talent management tool allowed us to instill a universal process, which has been a game changer. It has helped drive accountability and gain visibility into performance, which was a huge win for us.

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