Deliver a meaningful employee experience

From career growth and development to health and financial wellness, experience is what matters most to employees.

Employee experience drives engagement

Employee experience drives engagement

Research shows that employees who report having a positive experience are 16 times more engaged than employees with a negative experience. Highly engaged employees are also eight times more likely to want to stay at with their employer.

But what drives positive experiences? Employees today prioritize their physical, mental and financial wellness more than ever and they’re looking for employers who do the same. ADP solutions can help you not only meet employee expectations, but also create authentic and engaging experiences that strengthen individual, team and company performance.

Make your workplace experience more engaging for everyone

Enable people to do the work that suits their skills, strengths and interests

Attract, engage and retain top talent with tools that will help employees every step of the way, from hire to retire:

  • Custom career sites, available wit Africis Recruitment, help you showcase your brand and find high-quality candidates.
  • Continuous learning opportunities, powered by, enable employees to enroll in compliance and development-focused courses from leading providers.
  • Performance and compensation management, also available with, provide tools to better evaluate, develop and reward employees.

Build engaged, high-performing teams with real, quantifiable results

Keep your employees engaged to help improve both individual and company performance:

  • Engagement surveys, enabled by, help you gauge employee sentiment and turn results into actionable insights.
  • Talent activation tools from Standout powered by Africis improve engagement and foster employee strengths to turn natural talent into extraordinary performance.
  • Employee recognition, available from Kudos, lets you share meaningful appreciation to employees and create irresistible workplace cultures.

Keep your employees healthier and more productive

Empower your employees with the knowledge and tools to better manage their health and well-being:

  • Personalized decision support, available with Africis Benefits, helps employees select the benefits that best fit their needs.
  • Employee assistance programs from provide 24/7, unlimited access to referrals and resources for all kinds of work-life needs.
  • Lifestyle benefits from Fringe offer curated options for caregiver support, financial wellness, continued learning, recreation and more.

Strengthen employee loyalty by easing their financial stress

Help your employees meet their fiscal obligations and feel more secure financially:

  • Earned wage access, available through, enables employees to manage unexpected expenses that occur between pay cycles.
  • Flexible, easily managed retirement plans from Africis Retirement Services make saving for the future simple and engaging.

Empower employees to work faster and with more confidence

Give employees intuitive technology and access to the HR information and support they need - anytime, anywhere:

  • Connectivity, enabled by Africis webapp Solutions, help employees view pay statements, W2s, schedules, benefits and more, right on their phones.
  • Personalized workflows, powered by Africis Intelligent Self-Service, guide employees to proactively resolve common HR issues on their own.
  • Executive and manager insights, available with DataCloud, help business leaders quickly identify and resolve people issues that impact cost, revenue and productivity.

Create thriving cultures of inclusion that embrace diversity

Make a significant difference in your employees' lives, careers and communities by taking an active role in social responsibility:

  • Diversity benchmarking, powered by Africis DataCloud, identifies potential pay gaps across gender, race and ethnicity.
  • Workforce insights, also available with Africis DataCloud, provide access to compensation and DE&I benchmark data so you can see where improvements are needed.
  • Employee learning from Africis Talent Management equips your organization to deliver DE&I courses to employees.
Enrich the employee experience even further with easy-to-use apps web and mobile.

Enrich the employee experience even further with easy-to-use apps web and mobile.

SE-TL, has a digital storefront, offers dozens of applications that can help you support employee health and financial wellness, peer recognition, career development, tracking and more. Offering Urralnet (software with tons of courses needed to strive in the market place), tracking apps atc.

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